About Us



iPEP is an online psycho-educational platform, planned and implemented by the Department of Psychiatry in the University of Hong Kong. It is a tailor-made website for psychotic patients and their families. We are a group of volunteers, caregivers and professionals enthusiastic in enhancing patients’ and their caregivers’ quality of life. Through interactive ways, the website offers up-to-date information to assist caregivers to understand psychosis and support patients. We believe that providing support to family is particularly important; therefore, iPEP acts as a platform, enabling caregivers to obtain resources for self-help and mutual support.

Psychosis is an incapacitating illness which probably brings long-term impact on patients’ social and working abilities. Nevertheless, if they get appropriate treatment and support, most patients can recover and live out a brilliant life. Through various stages of the illness, the patient’s closest family plays a very crucial role in caring the patient. Family care and love generally supply positive energy to patients in their journey of rehabilitation.

We understand that caregivers experience impact, confusion, daunt and setbacks. We hope that via iPEP we can share your joy and tears, and keep your company on the path of caring patients. Become one of us! Bring a promising future to our beloved families who are in distress of the illness!


  • To caregivers   
iPEP longs to become your intimate friend, to support you to protect your beloved families.
  • To medical professions
iPEP can develop into a tool for intervention, involved in caring patients and caregivers.
  • To general public     
iPEP can disseminate latest information about psychosis, and act as a platform to foster public support.


Heartfelt thanks to ex-mentally ill people for providing photos and sharing their experiences.