No matter what, this is my beloved daughter

Few years ago, my daughter was diagnosed to have schizophrenia. I still remember it was during the examination period while the weather wasn’t too cold. Her classmates went to school as usual. My daughter who seldom took any sick leave said she didn’t want to go to school, and she felt chilly. I decided to keep her company to school, and explain the situation to teachers. After assessments and discussion, the social workers and the teachers judged that my daughter should stop sitting examinations immediately.

Before that day, the child looked a bit unwell. She once told me that it was deeply distressing for her to sit in front everyone during a school gathering. She felt suffocated. Another time, she got caught chatting with a classmate during a morning assembly. She was asked to stand alone in front of everyone as punishment. Piercing gaze from all classmates brought severe discomfort to her.

One day, a social worker told me that my child was under intense pressure which posed some mental problems to her. It was unbelievable. She looked perfectly normal until I had a meal with her in a restaurant. She could not concentrate on her meal, but was looking around. All of a sudden, she claimed that passers-by were staring at her intently. I started to realize that there was something wrong, and the social worker might be right. I felt anxious and my mind went blank.

During my child’s course of illness, I took care of her in my best endeavours. At her onset, she appeared fearful, and her whole body shivered. Despite keeping her company, I couldn’t do anything but held her tight. I believed showing tender love and embracing her could soothe her.

I tried to change her introverted personality by encouraging her to contact with more people and make more friends. Meanwhile, I received help from social workers and teachers, and communicated with them. Whenever my child felt unwell, social workers always contacted me immediately so that I could coordinate with them. Slowly, my child established many friendships at school.

For me, there were ups and downs; there were moments when I felt pressurized, helpless and perturbed. Fortunately, I had friends to talk over with. My family members also offered substantial help, and nurse my child together. To me, their involvement is instrumental. I had my work to do. How could I possibly take care of my child without their help?

My child took medicines regularly, and her condition gradually stabilised. I felt relieved and willing to tell my relatives about our situation. I don’t care how others view us. No matter what, this is my beloved daughter.