Integrated Community Centre for Mental Wellness (ICCMW)

Service target groups

Residents within the ICCWM service districts, aged 15 or above who are:

- A discharged mental patient

- Person with suspected mental health problem

- Family members/ carers of the above persons
- Persons who are interested in understanding and improving their mental health


Service description

The ICCMW provides one-stop, district-based and accessible community support and social rehabilitation services ranging from early prevention to risk management for discharged mental patients, persons with suspected mental health problems, their families / carers and residents living in the serving district through a single-entry point to enhance the social support and re-integration of the ex-mentally ill persons into the community.

The services include home visits, counselling service, therapy and peer supporting groups, social and recreational activities, day training service, outreaching occupational therapy service, case referrals and clinical assessments and treatments in hospital.

Application procedure/ Referral methods

Self- application at one of the service centres, or referred by doctors, social workers, allied health workers and the government departments.

List of services and their contact details