Integrated Vocational Rehabilitation Service (IVRS) Centre

Service target groups

Persons with disabilities who are aged 15, or above in need of vocational training or support to take up employment.


Service Description


Vocational skills training comprises centre-based training such as simple processing, assembling and packaging, desk-top publishing and laundry service, and outdoor work training such as car-washing, office cleaning, delivery services, retailing and leaflet distribution. Support services on job finding and  matching, job trials, allowance generating working training and any other additional retraining are available.


Application procedure/ Referral methods

Applicants or referrers can contact service unit for a direct application. Referrals can also  be made by school social workers, medical social workers, family caseworkers and staff of rehabilitation service units to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services, Social Welfare Department.


Further information and list of IVRS Centre