Work Extension Programme (WEP)

Service target groups

Persons with disabilities who are sheltered workshops/ integrated vocational rehabilitation services centres (SW/ IVRSC) trainees aged 50 or above and in need of day care services other than vocational training due to old age and deterioration in working ability. Aged 60 or above require no assessment; aged 50-59 will need to be assessed by occupational therapist/ physiotherapist.


Service Description

This programme aims to meet the service needs of the existing trainees of SW/IVRSC who could no longer perform normal work tasks due to old age or deterioration in work abilities. The services include work activities for sustaining residual work abilities, social and developmental programmes and caring activities for meeting the health and physical needs of trainees.


Application procedure

Admission is directly arranged by centres providing WEP.


Further information and list of SW/IVRSC operating WEP